「The monster in the main street」synopsis&glossary

Tobita Shinchi in 2021. The main character, Yuki, is in her 60s. Because of her overly cautious personality, she has never gotten married or given birth. She also has no experience with brothels outside of Shinchi. In other words, she is virgin as a prostitute who only knows Tobita. She has a cell phone but has never even seen City Heaven. Because she has been at Shinchi for so long, she is called a “Monster (Yokai)”. But what will happen to her when she turns her attention outside of Shinchi?

 The production committee presents this for older fans. A comedy that makes you think about “how to deal with yourself” from your 60’s.

*This story is fictional. The organizations, people, names, institutions, and other things that appear in this story are fictional and have no relation to real events.

Explanation of Terms

City Heaven・・・One of Japan’s largest sex industry website

Health・・・A form of a sex store. It is a type of adult entertainment business that does not involve sex in the real world. There are a storefront and non-storefront type.

Deli-heru (Call Girl)・・・ Short for “Delivery Health”. It is a type of sex industry that does not involve sexual intercourse and is a non-store type of sex industry in which sex workers are sent to the destination.

Sha-me Nikki (Photo Blog): An advertising tool for girls working in the sex industry. When a girl belongs to a brothel, she uploads her photo blog as an advertising tool in addition to her actual work. Most of them do not get paid for this photo diary.

Soap (Massage Parlor): Abbreviation for “soap land“. Here, female employees provide sexual services to male customers in the bathroom. There is sexual intercourse.

Greetings from the scriptwriter

 Thank you very much for taking time to visit us today.

 As many of you may have already seen in the article on Stage Natalie, I was inspired to write this piece when I went to Tobita for an interview.

 Some years ago, when I was working at an office that the news media often visited, I got to know this freelance writer. He told me that he wanted to go to Tobita Shinchi to write a story. He had never set foot in the area and was worried about going alone, so I went with him to a Japanese-style restaurant in Shinchi. From there, I became interested in the business side of Shinchi and the sex industry.

In this story, there are some terms that you wouldn’t understand if you were not familiar with the sex industry.

 In the synopsis, you will see the term “health virgin.”

 It means “someone who has never been to a health club.”

 To begin with, Shinchi and Soaps are sex services that can be done until the end (include sexual intercourse), while Health is a sex service that cannot be done until the end (does not include sexual intercourse).

 If you are a woman, you may understand why Yuki never got married or had a baby. Although there are individual differences, there is no doubt that a woman’s body changes after giving birth.

 Not so long ago, people considered it normal for women to give birth after getting married. Of course, even now people think they need a reason to “not have a baby” or “can’t have a baby”.

 I’m going to end this now because it seems to sound a bit serious. There are not many serious scenes in this story!

 I hope you enjoy the story.